Catherine Darling Hostetter

As an artist, I love to illustrate feelings - they may not actually be what the painting is about, but more about how the painting makes you feel. So I guess I would have to say that I paint for myself, because I can't exactly control what others are feeling. Generally the feelings I like to bring about with my art is happiness, a peaceful feeling, or something to think about. Although I often paint realism, I can't help but infuse my art with a bit of whimsy. I couldn't stay away from painting whimsical if I tried. I love to paint light heartedly! About me…I am a full time artist living in Salt Lake City.

I began my art journey at the age of two, in my crib where I studied the pictures that hung above it and the floral wall paper on the wall. I must have been there a lot, because I remember it vividly! In first grade I was reprimanded by my teacher for doing my math homework in color. Apparently I didn’t listen because my teacher begged my mom at parent teacher conference to make me stop! It was also during that time, that I put aside my normally honest conscience and stole clay from the class room so I could play with it at home. Guilt took over and I confessed to my crime during the same parent teacher conference as mentioned above. I became a selling artist in the fourth grade when I made paper mache piggy banks and sold them to the neighbors. I recently found out that my mom had hung on to a polka dotted one. Since then she has been my biggest collector!

I attended Jordan High school and as a sophomore was told by my art teacher Donald Olsen (who recently had a show at the University of Utah Museum of Art celebrating his hundredth birthday - no he wasn’t there) anyway, sorry, sidetracked… he told me I was going to be the Sterling Scholar in Art for Jordan High when I became a senior. Through the next three years he had me do a number of things to get ready. He said his Sterling Scholars always made it to the top 10 in the state. Oh brother, I hate pressure! I did make it to the top ten, though. So I guess I did good. A note of interest; my first grade teacher was Mr. Olsen’s wife – the one who wouldn’t let me do math in color! Go figure, you would think she’d understand the artistic mind! I attended the University of Utah until I went off and got married. My art was put on hold with the creation of 5 kids. Needless to say that’s the best thing I ever did. Fast forward to recent years: In 2001 I decide I would start marketing my art. I started with local art festivals and selling online. In an effort to network and learn more about art, I joined the Utah Watercolor Society (great organization!) In 2006 I joined Local Colors where I now currently serve as president of the cooperative. 2008-2009 I served as president of the Utah Watercolor Society. My work has been published in local publications and also in Smart Money – the Wall Street Journal magazine. I have won numerous awards in Utah Watercolor Society shows and Intermountain Society of Artists shows. That’s it about me. Join me on my blog or be my facebook friend; Catherine Hostetter or my facebook business page Catherine Darling Hostetter. You can also find me on Twitter … look for CathyDarling.

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