Don Bosley

Don Bosley is an award winning artist born in Houston, Texas and now resides in Orem, Utah. He first became interested in art when he saw an uncle, then a young man, drawing at the farmhouse kitchen table. As he grew older, the ever present back page of comic books offering art lessons for drawing cartoon characters was a challenge that he pursued. Through the years, his growing talent found him leading Jr. High School students in design and construction of stage scenery and props. At home he was busy with hobbies of paint by number and sculpting bars of Ivory soap. As a university student, his art talent landed him a job at a small shop designing and building signs, a skill that led to a career in outdoor advertising. The paintings of a friend and co-worker (who is a renowned watercolor artist), inspired Don with the beauty of watercolor.

Having a busy career kept the creative nature at bay. But eventually, the desire to be creative returned and, remembering his love of watercolor, in 2004 he enrolled in a course taught by acclaimed watercolor artist, Karen George, a local artist in the Galveston Bay area. Painting was still a hobby but he found time to successfully participate and sell items of art in the Houston area. He retired in September 2015 and began devoting most of his free time to travel and painting interesting subjects and scenes he observes around America. Therefore, his subjects are varied and diverse.

He has won awards from:

  • Brazos Port Art League, Freeport, Texas
  • Watercolor Art Society of Houston, Texas
  • Lone Star Art Guild, Conroe Art League, Conroe, Texas
  • Coldspring Art League, Coldspring, Texas


“My paintings are of subjects that have a visual impact on me as I view them.  I tend to paint in a realistic expression but wanting the end result to look more like a painting than a photograph. It’s an emotional experience choosing my next painting. Most times the choice is because of the contrast of light and shadow. Light and shadow can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. However, sometimes it the lines, color and texture of the subject, or the “mood” that says, “This would make a great painting!”

It all can be summarized to say that a subject, or a scene, has to inspire me. I am drawn to antiquity. Old houses, barns, cars… perhaps it is my love of history, or the nostalgia? I feel a need to share the story of the untold tales. All in all, as an artist, I am in awe of the things that inspire me to paint. There is a need within me to share my inspiration with those who might view my work.”

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