Jeff Clay

Trained in the sciences and working professionally in the information technology field, I am largely a self-taught photographer that has been taking photographs for over three decades.  In early 2008 I began Clayhaus Photography to push my photography to the “next level” which I define as developing more image portfolios, expanding as well as refining my photographic “voice,” and working hard to exhibit and sell my photographic work.

Reflecting my many different personal interests, my photographic techniques and subjects are also diverse. Gothic cathedrals, modern architecture, still life, dusty mediaeval villages, abstract patterns of light and shadow, remote desert valleys, the redrock country of the Colorado River Plateau...these and more are all parts of the varied canvas I photograph. I also utilize different photographic techniques and tools including digital infrared photography and the film panorama format.

Since starting Clayhaus Photography, I have had solo shows as well as been part of group gallery exhibits. I’ve also won a number of professionally-judged competitions/contests.

In 2010, with a fellow photographer, I began Perfect Light Studios as a photography service providing profession portraiture, event and wedding photography.

My work is currently being exhibited here at the Local Colors of Utah Gallery. You can also see (and purchase) much more of my work at my commercial website. You can also connect with me via Facebook and Twitter and read my blog as well. Finally, I am always interesting in exhibiting at more galleries, so I've created online portfolios for curators.

You can see the images in my Cambodia gallery, Colorado Plateau gallery, & Infrared Photography gallery.

Comments or questions are always welcomed!


Jeff Clay

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