Kay Hale

I have done art my whole life: starting out drawing on the walls at age 3, getting my first oil paints at 5, being “the artist” in school and then going to college for art. I always knew I was an artist even during times I was busy with raising two sons and German Shepherd Dogs. Having time to devote to art making, I returned to school in 2006, graduating in 2009 from the University of Utah with a BFA in Painting and Drawing.

I started out doing mainly landscapes and animals. Those have morphed into more abstract representations of landscapes and  now almost completely non representational work in color and shape. I have been influenced by Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Paul Klee  and Matisse . I am in love with vibrant color and everything I do is colorful.

I consider myself a mixed media artist because I cannot leave well enough alone when a painting needs some layers and texture.
In keeping with my love of landscape, I venture out to do watercolor plein air. I mostly use water based media and paper, adding other elements such as cloth, torn paper and yes even glitter. I would like to start designing textiles.  Printmaking and letterpress are other interests.

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Contact me at: kayart34@gmail.com or kayhale@redbubble.com 
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Artist Statement:
Bright color is a statement of high energy and joy. Vibrant complementary or contrasting colors give emotion and excitement.
Texture in the form of collage, and surface treatments give depth to shapes whether representational or abstract.
Basic design elements create focus to work upon both figuratively and literally.
It doesn't matter if this language makes sense to the viewer, but if the viewer finds interest and joy in what is layered before them then that is my desire.
Materials such as exotic painted papers, layered on quality watercolor paper are used.
Saturated color in watercolor, inks and acrylic are used.
Line is incorporated.
Thread and woven fabric can sometimes be found embedded in the paint.
I dream in color, I see color in everything, I use color.