Olga Hegner

I grew up in Moscow, Russia. Although I did not obtain an art degree in Russia, my young life was full of cultural experiences in the best opera, ballet, and drama theaters, art galleries and museums. I have not realized how much my early life developments would influence me in my later years - I paint and the memories of compositions and brush strokes of the great Russian masters come back to me: Brulov, Kramskoi, Surikov, Kustodiev, Shishkin, Repin, Serov, and so many others. 
I started painting as a pastime along with pursuing my legal career in the United States. After many moves between different states and countries my husband and I found a home in Park City, Utah. Here my passion for painting truly developed. I found a lot of wonderful teachers, instructors, and people who inspired me to paint. I found a true wealth of instructional books, including John Carlson, Robert Henri, John Sloan and others. I admire American classical painters: John Singer Sargent, John Twatchman, Edward Hopper, Glackens, the Wyeths, and a lot of the modern artists.
Painting is a very emotional process, and for me the greatest joy of it happens when I am painting outside «en plein air». My studio paintings based on plein air studies still retain the excitement I experienced first seeing the location, hearing the noises, and smells. 
I like animals, wild and not. I cannot imagine my life without a dog in my house. Roy, our Golden Retriever, is my «go to» inspiration to paint. 
Every painting I paint has a little part of me, it seals the emotions and thoughts I had working on it, my memories of what surrounded me and what was taking place in the world. Art is never sustained, it is always evolving with us and the universe.