Ruth Kadas


Ruth Kadas is a local jewelry designer who creates unique designs inspired by Spirit. She began making her healing jewelry in 1992. Over the past 14 years, she has received recognition locally, nationally & internationally as a jewelry artist.

A myriad of techniques have evolved into her eclectic presentation of wire, beads and stones. These stones include: fossils, meteorites, semi-precious gems and other natural stones. The designs are individually unique, mostly one of a kind. Each stone is personally selected for its individual properties and set as a pendant in14k gold-filled or Sterling silver square wire. The wirework settings are simple, refined, and elegant allowing Mother Nature’s beautiful creations to be the focus.  Some pendants are available as individual pieces. Others are placed on a strand of complimentary beads.

She uses her own hands and various tools to create. As she works with the wire & stones she is infusing each piece with Reiki healing energy. This process and her knowledge of the metaphysical properties of the stones, combine to create pieces that are more than just another piece of jewelry.

It is our intention that everyone who wears jewelry by Ruth will allow themselves to feel more empowered, see their true worth and value the beautiful person that they are!

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