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Local Colors was involved in local shows, outdoor events, and the ongoing Sugar House Art Walk. Historically, it also hosted art classes and plein air events.

The gallery’s featured shows, which rotated monthly, would highlight the work of one its member artists—and, beginning in 2021, a guest artist as well. Featured artists were celebrated with a prominent front window display and an artist reception.

A crowd inside the gallery, all focused on artist Blaine Clayton.
Watercolorist Blaine Clayton standing before a crowd at the Sugar House plein air event, 2014. Photographer unknown.
A crowd of masked gallery visitors, some conversing with featured artist Jan Crane.
Featured show for quilter Jan Crane, March 2021. Photographer Jeff Meyers.
A crowd mingling with artists. Paintings are hung on modular panels spread throughout the room.
Opening reception for the gallery's Red Butte Garden show, January 2023.